Website Copyright


The copyright of all content published on the official website of Sense Innovation (thereafter referred to as “This Website”), including but not limited to text, images, books, files, information, structure of the website, visual presentation and layout, audiovisuals, software, and programming, belongs to Sense Innovation Co., Ltd unless otherwise stated, and is protected under the Copyright Act of the Republic of China. No party shall use, edit, replicate, broadcast, transmit publicly, perform publicly, adapt, distribute, publish, release publicly, restore, reverse-edit, or disassemble the content of this website without The Website’s agreement and authorization. Parties interested to quote or reproduce content from the abovementioned software, program, or website are to have received prior written agreement from The Website or other right holders, with the exception of parties possessing explicit legally license to perform such actions.

Users may, in accordance with rules and regulations pertinent to intellectual property laws, freely browse and use The Website, or to download materials that are explicitly marked as downloadables, for private and non-commercial use. All materials from The Website shall be credited when used for these purposes. Private or non-commercial organizations are allowed to freely provide a link to The Website on their own websites through a Hyperlink. When creating such a hyperlink, users are requested to use the Logo of The Website.


Privacy Policy


The notice of the collection of personal data by Sense Innovation Co., Ltd (thereafter referred to as “The Company”) is in accordance with Article 8 of the Personal Information Protection Act.

The Company collects, processes, and uses personal information for specific purposes as part of the services it provides. Personal information includes the name, contact number, and other relevant information of the client required for the provision of particular services. The period, region, receiver, and type of use of personal information are subjected to the modus operandi of specific activities and relevant regulations on the use of personal information.

In order for The Company’s customer service center to provide our clients with timely and accurate responses to their inquiries, clients are requested to provide the following information: name (full names are not required. Clients are free to use short forms or nicknames), email, contact number, and status of use of The Company’s products and services. Clients who contact The Company are requested to provide a correct contact number or email address so as to facilitate The Company’s reply to their inquiry.

Personal information provided by The Company’s clients is for the sole use of The Company and relevant partners, for purposes such as communication and resolution within the premises of The Company and relevant partners, in order to resolve the clients’ inquiries. The Company will not reveal its clients’ personal information to any other party.

In accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act, clients possess the right to inquire or peruse, request for a copy of, supplement or edit, terminate the collection or use of, or delete the personal information they have provided to The Website through email ( or phone (+886-2-2732-8836).

Clients are free to decide on the amount of personal information they provide to The Company. However, in the case of inaccurate or incomplete information, The Company might not be able to provide clients with the full range of service. The Company has fulfilled its obligation to inform, and clients have agreed and understood the purposes and uses for The Company’s collection, processing and use of personal information. By accepting The Company’s service or by providing their contact information in The Company’s form, clients are deemed to have agreed to this notification on the collection, processing and use of personal information.


Clients' Legal Duty and Compliance


Clients shall not use The Company’s services for any unlawful purpose or in any unlawful manner. In addition, clients shall comply with all related laws in the Republic of China and international rules pertaining to Internet use. Clients utilizing The Company’s services outside of the Republic of China agree to comply with the laws in their respective country or region.