Our eye tracking devices are designed for people who have difficulties using computers due to physical disabilities resulted from diseases such as spinal cord injuries, stroke, cerebral palsy (CP), muscular dystrophy (MD), amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).
The software enables the users to browse the internet and use Office related software. Our device can assist users with disabilities in various areas, including school work and job hunting. 1246 software aims to help children with learning disabilities to improve their cognitive abilities as well as speech-language abilities.
Our eye-tracking devices are compatible with eye glasses or contact lenses.

Suggested hardware for the eye-tracking software:

1. Computer ports: USB 2.0 and/or USE 3.0

2. Screen size: 10 inches to 27 inches

3. Any kinds of computers, such as PCs, laptops, or tablets, are compatible with our eye-tracking software. Suggested operating systems: Windows 10 or later.

Users with severe physical disabilities and/or rare diseases are eligible for receiving subsidies from the government when purchasing assistive technology devices.

1. The amount of the government grants varies by income level:

i. For average-income households: NT$50,000

ii. For low-and-middle-income households: NT$75,000

ii. For low-income households: NT$100,000

2. Application process: Three Steps to apply for subsidies

Step 1. Contact us at +886-2-7328-836. Set up an appointment with us to demonstrate products or services that are customized for your needs.

Step 2. Contact your local assistive technology center and book an evaluation session. Evaluate your qualifications for the application

Step 3. Submit your evaluation report and the application form to the Department of Social Welfare. Purchase the equipment and receive the grants.