• 1246 Cognitive Learning
    Are you still trying to read your kids’ mind?
    The movements of the eyes reveal everything you need to know.

1246 Cognitive Learning

1246 Cognitive Learning provides a platform for users and their caregivers to communicate with each other in time. Instructors can pull out diverse resources to guide and improve the patients’ leaning and speech-language ability.

Users with body and learning impairments, including cerebral palsy, Rett syndrome, Autism, Down’s syndrome, ADHD.

Learning from Reality

Cognitive learning begins with life

Teaching materials from real life is a great way to raise the children’s motivation.
Learning in a friendly environment will boost children’s confidence.

1 Attention

Learning Starts from Attention

Video is a great way to draw children’s attention. User will fix their eyes onthe object they find interesting. The video will be stopped when the users' attention is not on the screen. This helps their instructor and parents understand more about children’s attention span.

2 Real Life Object Recognition

Instructors can import different pictures of objects for children to choose.

This increases children’s ability to recognize different things.

4 Visual Discrimination

Edit different materials, improve discrimination ability

6 Visual Memory

Learning repeatedly, enhance memory ability

Object Recognition

Placing different pictures for children to learn and choose.

Phonetic & Numbers Learning

Single phonetic card along witha picture card allows children to learn two things in one time

Objects Categorization

Placing one object that isdifferent form the three others to check if the kid understands.

Color / Shape Application

Placing a shape card along with other objects that matches the color and/or shape to check if the children knows how to apply.