• 1246 Doctor-Patient Communication
    Repair the memories. Delay dementia
    A new way for disabled people to communicate.

1246 Doctor-Patient Communication

11246 doctor-patient communication serves as a communication platform with eye-tracking technology. Users can gaze at the screen and select what they need. On the interface, user can import pictures, videos, audio tracks, and/ or recording. The software is accessible for everyone.

Recommended User: Users with body and learning impairments, including cerebral palsy, Rett syndrome, Autism, Down’s syndrome, ADHD.

1-Memory Repair

Family is the key to component of memory

Import a family vodeo to re-live the moment

2-Quick Expression

Immediate feedback is one flash card away

Does your family lose their speech-language ability due to stroke or dementia? Through the gazing of eyeballs, family can pick up patient’s will in no time.

4 Assisting with Daily Life

Improve daily needs

A quick glance tells the family what the patient needs.

6 Customization

Enhance the accuracy and flexibility of communication

customize users' needs in order to minimalize communication barriers.