Taiwan Mobile Foundation x Sense Innovation - Love Between Eyes

Taiwan Mobile Foundation x Sense Innovation 

Taiwan Mobile Foundation & Sense Innovation released a brand new eye-tracking game called “Euploea” in April, 2019. Euploea is a game specially designed for children in need of early intervention education. Not only does the game provide eye-tracking assistive technology, it also takes our users through the journey of a Euploea Butterfly migrating to Southern Taiwan during winters. Our users are able to experience the characteristics and beauty of different Taiwanese cities.

We invited Yung-Ching, Dan-Dan and their parents to participate in this year’s event and showed how eye-tracking technology can assist them. Yung-Ching, who has speech and mobility impairment due to cerebral palsy, has improved her communication skills dramatically under the training of eye-tracking software. Dan-Dan, who was also diagnosed with cerebral palsy along with cortical blindness, also showed great improvement in 

Liu Li-Hui, the CEO of Taiwan Mobile Foundation, points out that there are a lot more children similar to Yong-Ching and Dan-Dan who needs the aid of eye-tracking in communication and education. Liu Li-Hui is also proud to announce that Taiwan Mobile Foundation and Sense Innovation will be sponsoring eye-tracking software for over 200 institutions and schools, hoping to aid over 27,000 children.

Penny, the COO of Sense Innovation, explains the difference between Euploea and ordinary computer games. Euploea’s design is based on eye-tracking technology, and specially made for users with disabilities. Euploea consists of 6 levels that focuses on learning and rehabilitation abilities. Each level provides training in cognitive learning and eye movement abilities, preparing our users for more advanced eye-tracking tools in the future.