Sharing the story of my life with the world

Duan-Yu Chung, who was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) at birth, started homeschooling since he was fourteen. Every week, his teacher would visit him and teach him about different subjects until he graduated from high school. Duan-Yu used to feel depressed, for he thought SMA had taken hold of his life. Any forms of learning were dull and tiring, and there was nothing to look forward in the future. 

Things have changed after he watched the movie “One Liter of Tears.” The movie inspired him to rediscover the value of his life. Duan-Yu decided to run his personal blog on which he shared his interests as well as his hobbies. This was carried out all by himself.

Recently, Duan-Yu was introduced to eye-tracking technology which has greatly improved the quality of operating computer and the efficiency of writing articles. Aside from sharing his feedback on the movies and dramas, Duan-Yu also enjoys organizing and posting the latest news of his favorite celebrities. By doing so, he has made several friends who share the same passion.

Staring at the computer screen for more than ten hours every day, Duan-Yu has taught himself Japanese—he can read and understand the subtitles of Japanese dramas as well as Japanese news. Through endless practices, Duan-Yu is familiar with software such as Photoshop and Illustrator. His work is of great popularity on the internet, which encourages him to turn his passion into his career.

Each week, Sense team visits Duan-Yu with current materials that might help his work. With passion and dedication, Duan-Yu is open to any job possibilities.

 “I try to record little things happened in my life; they are the proof of my existence. And I intended to record as much as possible, for they will stay on even when I am gone.”

Duan-Yu grasps every chance to develop his skills and turns his passion into profession. Every day is a pleasant day.